Saturday, December 26, 2009


Stumbled across this exhibition a few days ago in the new Art College Gallery on Thomas Street. Is this the best kept secret... or did I just not hear about it?
Abram Games (1914-96) was one of the twentieth century's most innovative and important graphic designers. In his 60 year career he produced some of the best poster designs, graphics, stamps and book jackets of the last century, including the design for the Festival of Britain (1951) and BBC Television (1953). Probably his most sought after work is his series of travel posters for B.O.A.C. including this one which I am lucky enough to own, and the beautifully graphic Red G poster for Guinness (1956). He designed some remarkably striking public information posters during the war including "Use Spades, Not Ships" and "Please Knit Now - our jungle fighters need socks". One of my favourites is the "Ireland for your holidays" (1957) which is still possible to find - a friend of mine bagged a pristine copy from John in Gallery 29, Molesworth Street, other travel ones do turn up occasionally, but are getting harder to find. The exhibition features a short documentary made for the UK Arts Council and there is a very comprehensive book by Naomi Games still available which includes his working sketches and a good reference section.

Well worth a look.

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