Monday, June 28, 2010


This great original framed print from 1966, 'Boats in Blues & Greens' by William Rutledge (Australia) 83x38cm, would make a great statement piece in any retro home.


  1. well today someone had leaned a couple of awfull prints against a skip/dumpster thinking someone might want them, i went to view but noticed in the skip this exact framed print, its on textured paper, they didnt even think anyone would be even slightly interested in having it & it was half buried in soil i rescued it, i like it alot. i like that its worthless.

  2. I just though you might like to know that I have the original hanging on my wall in oil on canvas. and signed by himself on the back. I have it because I like it. No idea of the real worth but it is just great.