Wednesday, September 29, 2010


An area of mid century collecting that has really taken off in recent years is vintage fabric. Lesley Jackson, in her 20th Century pattern Design book comments that " Given the obvious appeal of textiles and wallpapers, it has always surprised me that surface pattern has been so often marginalized within the mainstream histories of 20th Century Design". Good design pieces are getting harder to find, and anything that still has the printed selvedge, or is attributable, has just rocketed in price. I have written before about the fantastic designs of Jacqueline Groag, but there are still some contemporary pieces out there by other artists. This beautiful heavy printed cotton produced in the 1950s by David Whitehead, who coincidentally produced a lot of designs for Groag, is a beautiful bright colourful and geometric design that is typical of the style and palette of the modernist era.

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