Tuesday, May 24, 2011


When reading about great mid century design it is usually Scandinavian, American and UK designers that get the most attention but it is worthwhile noting that there were other countries at the cutting edge of design at the time. Hungary is a great example, producing some of the best designers of their day and some of the most innovative furniture, lighting and textile designs in the post war period. Look out for the work of Pál Vincze, Júlia Gaubek and László Heczendorfer amongst others. One of the best known designs of the 50s is the Nagasaki 3 legged chair by Mathieu Mátegot (above) and the good news is that is has been re-released in red and yellow and will cost around £300, which isn't bad when you consider and original 1950s version sold recently at auction for £5,000.

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