Thursday, January 7, 2010


As most of you will know, my main area of interest is Scandinavian design, mainly Swedish, mainly ceramics and specifically Stig Lindberg. I have decided to do a monthly Stig post and feature some favourite pieces from my collection. First up is a cheerful popover vase in bright carnival colours from the mid 1950s. These vases come in 3 and 5 piece design with varying decoration, but this one in vibrant handpainted stripes really emphasises the organic shape and form of the piece. These guys rarely make it out of Sweden as the Swedes have a deep appreciation of design, and Stig Lindberg is seen as something of a national treature. I had the pleasure of visiting the retrospective exhibition last year in the National Museum in Stockholm and interviewing the curator, who confirmed that the exhibition had been extended and the catalogue reprinted to keep up with demand. Spurred on by pieces I saw in the exhibition I tracked down this vase in Stockholm and spirited it away to join my collection.

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